A new hobby – geocaching

Okay – so it’s currently April 2021; we are on our way out of the third lockdown here in the UK and we’ve all been going a bit stir crazy.  But it’s not all bad – we’ve rediscovered our love of the great outdoors and enjoyed lots of long country walks.

It’s no surprise that we quickly became bored of the walks around our local area – although we did find local routes and footpaths we never knew existed – and had many fun days taking a packed lunch and exploring new places.

So when I saw Regatta’s Kids’ Ultimate Green Space campaign I was keen to share our new found hobby, as detailed below – it’s so important for adults and childrens’ mental health and wellbeing to get outside, especially after the last year of pandemic hell.  We’ve been keen walkers for years, and we are very lucky that the now 6 years old mancub shares our love of walking; he has his own backpack and walking boots and enjoys finding hidden treasures in the countryside.

But we’ve recently discovered geocaching – and we are obsessed!

What is Geocaching?

Basically you download the office Geocaching app from the Apple app/Google Play store, create an account and you will see a map of your local area with ‘caches’ to find.

Caches are hidden containers, from tiny little cylindrical canisters to sandwich tubs that contain logs that you write on when you find one. They can be hidden anywhere – behind trees, under rocks, and all sorts of obscure places.

It’s so much find finding them and logging them on the app and watching the total number of ‘finds’ mount up; it’s also great for little people who need that little bit of motivation on longer walks!

Be prepared

We were a little unprepared when we went on our first finding mission; we found that a sturdy rucksack/backpack is an absolute must for holding spare clothing, snacks and drinks along with some really simple basic things:

  • a pen, for signing log sheets
  • tweezers, for getting the tiny logs out of the really small micro caches
  • hand gel, because of the obvious global pandemic
  • powerbank, because you may use quite a bit of phone juice trying to navigate to caches and there’s nothing worse than a low battery when you are miles from home or the car!

And that’s it – you will be ready to go!

It’s a great activity for families, or anyone – the excitement of finding caches is awesome and it’s a great excuse to get out into the outdoors and get some fresh air.

Do you have any suggestions for outdoor activities that are lockdown/pandemic restrictions friendly?  Comment below!

*This is a collaborative post*

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