American Halloween: Trick or Treat Away from Home

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If you’re getting ready to jet off on a holiday to one of the best resorts in Orlando, such as CLC Regal Oaks or Encantada, then you’re in luck. Nowhere does Halloween quite like the USA and Florida is one of our favourite places on the planet to enjoy our preferred spooky holiday. If you’ve always wanted to experience the 31st of October just like it is in the movies, here’s a preview of what to expect from an authentic American Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are done very differently in the USA to elsewhere in the world. For starters, we tend to think that Halloween equals scary, so there’s a standard dress code of ghosts, witches, zombies, and so on. However, in the USA, costumes can (and should be) as wild and creative as possible and it’s expected that you’ll go all out. You can transform yourself into any character, from mermaids and pirates to your favourite celebrity. Of course, you’ll also see a fair share of corpse brides and vampires, but a white bedsheet and some fake blood are unlikely to cut it for American Halloween. In fact, in the US, the costume tradition is even extended to dressing your pets…

House Decorations

American neighbourhoods can be as dressed up and decorated for Halloween as they are for Christmas. Whilst in the UK, you might see a few carved pumpkins in the front garden, American houses can look truly wild in October, with fake skeletons, lights, elaborate models and even animatronics. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Halloween party at somebody’s home, you can expect a lot of effort and attention to detail, right down to themed music, and food and drink.


One of the best parts of an American Halloween, especially for kids, is trick-or-treating. Children (and often adults) dress up in costume and go from door to door collecting treats with a friendly threat of a prank for those who don’t answer their door and offer a token – usually a bucket of candy that the trick-or-treaters are welcome to take a handful of.

Halloween Food

After a successful trick-or-treat trip around the neighbourhood, it’s not unusual for kids to return home with lots of sweets, including candy corn and traditional American candy apple.

Although it might sound like something out of the Harry Potter books, Pumpkin beer is also a popular drink in America for Halloween – to wash down all the pumpkin pie! It comes in the form of ales or stouts which have a beautiful golden colour, befitting the occasion.

American Halloween at CLC World

Experience a truly authentic American Halloween at CLC World’s Orlando resorts: Regal Oaks and Encantada. Two of the best resorts in Orlando, offering stylish accommodation just minutes from Florida’s famous theme parks. All members of the family will enjoy the various themed activities that have been planned including a candy corn count, wild bat hunt, face painting, arts and crafts, musical chairs and a doughnut race. Of course, no Halloween celebrations are complete without a costume contest, so make sure you start planning to dress to impress now!

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