Anything for a quick buck – how do you sleep at night?

I’m so disgusted this afternoon.

For some reason I’m subscribed to some sort of health and fitness thing and every once in a while I receive emails about various different things.

This morning an email arrived that talked about struggles with overeating and binge eating – as this is a huge issue for me at the moment I decided to click the link and have a look.

If you popped your email address in you would received a few videos via email that talked about binge eating and how to overcome it; I watched the videos, nothing that I didn’t know already, and didn’t really think anything of it.

Lunch time I received an email:

Hello Lisa,

Are you still looking for help with overcoming Binge Eating or Stress? 

If so reply “yes” to this email

I figured there would be no harm in replying, so I did.

I had an email back, it all seemed very friendly:

Hi Lisa, 

Good to hear from you!

What do you feel is stopping you from taking control of your binge eating/stress right now?

Just want to know if we can help you… 

I’ll be honest – alarm bells were sounding at this point, I figured something would be pushed on me to buy very shortly, plus that sentence doesn’t beg an understanding of binge eating disorder, very flippant.

So I sent this back:

I’ve been a binge eater for over 20 years and I’m trying to resolve it, I just get fixated on weight loss and then a vicious cycle.

The response was:

Do you think it may be a good idea to have a quick chat on the phone? 

Hmmm.  Not really. Why would I want to talk to a complete stranger about issues I can’t talk about to people close to me about?  I replied:

It’s something I struggle to talk about to be honest, plus, I’ll be completely honest, I have no money and wouldn’t be able to pay for any services you may offer, I’m a working mum of one and pennies are tight I’m afraid.

I wasn’t going to be unkind but I wanted to make it very clear I didn’t have any money.

Do you mind if I ask however overweight you are?

I can maybe send you some videos or articles that XXX has done to help you. We currently have two ladies in our program who at 17st and 24st. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is to learn the skill of vulnerability and showing up as who you really are, not who you think you should be. Keeping silent is keeping you stuck. As is focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you DO want. 

So we were getting down to details now – to me it seemed my issues were being taken advantage of – just little snippets of advice to make me want more.

I replied:

I am XXXstone and my BMI puts me as morbidly obese. I need to lose weight so I can have surgery to correct problems I had after having my son, and it all seems rather impossible.  Very lonely.

Again, completely honest – I sort of wanted to trust this person, ‘they really seemed to want to help me’.

Lisa – please understand that you are not alone. 

We work with some very overweight ladies and also some very underweight ladies with eating disorders. Some of which are student nurses with no money and single mothers who find a way to build a better life because after a conversation they KNOW they are worth it. 

Whatever you do will require massive action. Slimming world / Weight Watchers is not the answer and food is not the issue here it is merely the symptom. 

Here is some more info for you (web address)

Wowzers.  Okay, so you are telling me people with no money will find money to solve an issue like this, again trying to reel me into a phone call.

I decided to just go straight for the burning question:

Price wise what would it be please?

And the response:

XXXX intensive is exactly that – a very intensive coaching program and we only accept those to come into the program who are fully committed and ready to take control of their lives and take action. This is not therapy or counselling. By the sounds of it, none of that has worked for you in the past. 

The price is £1500. If you are making a decision based upon a figure when you do not know what is involved in XXXX Intensive, how long the course is, the set up or how we work you are selling yourself short. Of course we also have payment plans available. 

However – I would need to have a full 45-60 min conversation with you to consider you for the program. You absolutely must be in a place where you are committed and ready to take massive action no matter how difficult that may be. The conversation we have is likely to be uncomfortable and confronting. I will not sugar coat this. We are here to produce results and long term results! Not just weight loss for surgery. 

Right.  Deep breath.

How FUCKING dare you.

You haven’t told me what it is – clearly you want to engage me in a phone conversation where you can give me a sales talk and suck me in.

You also offend me by basically telling me I’m selling myself short because I asked the price.  I would love to find anyone in this world who would just sign on a line and hand over £1500 to anyone.

Oh wait, I do know – vulnerable people would hand it over, vulnerable people you are preying on and taking advantage of.

£1500 – will you be cooking and cleaning for me for that price too?

And the most disgusting part – ‘you must be up for change, we are here to produce results, not just weight loss’.

You are DISGUSTING.  You have no knowledge of eating disorders – if you did, you would understand the golden rule; you don’t encourage a binge eater to lose weight, it starts off a cycle of starving and bingeing.

Do you think as a binge eater I have a single waking moment where I don’t want to binge eat?

‘None of that has worked for you in the past’ – another sales technique to get me to commit?

I’m so disgusted, I didn’t want to publish the name of the ‘company’ because I don’t want to advertise such a disgusting thing.

You prey on vulnerable people and try to bleed them dry, I don’t know how you sleep at night.

To anyone reading this who may be in the same situation I am – please do not engage with people like this, please do not agree to hand over large amounts of money to lose weight.

Please seek professional help – there are medical professionals who can help you and be honest with you, not necessarily for free but do not trust people like this.

Maybe these people work for a certain well known juice brand too, don’t they use the same empty promises and aggressive sales techniques?





3 thoughts on “Anything for a quick buck – how do you sleep at night?

  1. I’m not sure how they are ‘preying’ on you when you initiated contact and continued to engage in conversation with them. It sounds to me that you were after a free quick fix even though you know there is no such thing.

    1. If you read the post they sent the initial contact. Also, as per my other blog posts, I describe in detail how I struggle with depression and binge eating and how the draw to a quick fix is always there.

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