Are You Ready To Have A Kitten? 3 Things To Consider About These Furry Friends


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Getting a pet, no matter what type of pet it is, is a big responsibility. It is easy to assume that cats are an “easy” pet to have – and it is true that they take up less of your time and energy than dogs, for example – but nevertheless, it is crucial to do your research before you bring one home.


When it comes to getting kittens, there are plenty of aspects to getting these little furry friends that might not be what they seem! These fun loving little friends are so easy to love, but they do need more supervision and care than an adult cat.


In this post you will find out three things to consider before bringing a kitten into your home, so you can be fully prepared for this awesome experience!

Kittens aren’t litter trained. 

Most domestic cats are either litter tray trained, or know that they should do their business outside. However, just like any baby animal, kittens don’t know this. Cat poop is one of the nastiest smells in the world, but you’d better get used to it, because for the first few days of your kittens being home, they might poop wherever they want!


If you are a first time cat owner and need guidance, here is a guide to litter training your kitten. Luckily, cats are very clean creatures, and will pick up their litter training fairly quickly. 

Kittens need to stay in a smaller space for the first few weeks. 

Just like all babies, kittens love to explore. However, a kitten left unattended in a large house can be easily lost, or worse, could get themselves stuck or otherwise injured while exploring. A tiny kitten shouldn’t be given free reign of the house until they are a little bigger and older.


This doesn’t mean you should keep your kittens in a cage, or anything of that sort. But cordoning off one room in your home, like the laundry room which is a popular choice, is a good idea. Even if you let your kittens explore the rest of the house while you are supervising them, while they are alone, they shouldn’t be allowed to wander off!

Kittens need more veterinary care than adult cats.

Cats are considered low maintenance animals – and compared to dogs, reptiles or birds, this is true! However, all pets require veterinary care, and kittens are no exception.


Kittens will need to regularly visit the vet to receive their relevant vaccinations, as well as for weigh-ins and general health checkups. It is important that kittens’ growth is monitored, so that if there are any early signs of issues, the vet can spot these right away.


This could be an expensive few months for your pet, so ensure you are financially prepared to have a kitten before you bring one home. Unfortunately, many pets are turned in to rescue centres, simply because their owners didn’t consider the financial impact they might have.


Overall, having a kitten is an amazing, enriching experience that you will love! Use this guide to help you prepare for the practicalities of kitten ownership!

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