Are You Ready to Take a Step Away from Home This Summer?

Family holidays are precious. We all remember them vividly, and they are a part of our childhood. If you are lucky enough to be a full time blogger, or running a company remotely, chances are that you can take the summer holidays off and give your kids the summer they will remember for life. Take the opportunity to explore long term travel, find places you always wanted to see, and live a different lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Below you will find some help to get started.

Set a Budget

The first thing you will have to decide on is how much you are willing to spend for a vacation for the whole summer. You might need to make some compromises, and you cannot stay in a five-star hotel all the time, but it will be worth it to take a trip and explore new countries, scenes, and cultures. Your budget will be spread better if you stay for a couple of weeks, and you can afford to fly long haul and get a discount if you make up your mind quickly.

Reduce Your Workload

It is  important that you can enjoy the vacation, instead of sitting in front of the computer all  the time. You want to be out there and see what the world has to offer. This means that you might need to outsource some of the jobs, work ahead, or automate your posts. If you spend a couple of hours every day to manage your social media, you will be able to schedule your posts or sign up for full service social media management packages that will take care of your branding and engagement, as well as your lead generation.

Create a Dream Map with Your Family Members

If you want everyone to be as excited about getting away as you are, you will need to get them to contribute. Book a family meeting one night or during the weekend, when you can brainstorm ideas and create a dream map together. You have to take on board everyone’s interest and preferences, so you can make the trip enjoyable and memorable, full of experiences your kids and partner are looking for.

Get More Value for Your Money By Renting

Instead of booking a short term accommodation, you can save money by looking for a suitable apartment. Check out jual beli rumah if you are planning to travel to Indonesia, and find the  accommodation that will serve you and your family and provide the safety and comfort you are looking for. Consider the distance to the shops, the beach, and main attractions, as well as the availability of public transport and the crime levels.

Get an Insurance

No matter which corner of the world you end up in, you will need to play safe. Kids will be kids, and you have to be prepared for emergencies every day. Having the right insurance and being able to get legal or medical support as soon as possible will give you the peace of mind that you can deal with the unexpected situations to the best of your abilities. If you don’t have an insurance, chances are that you will be charged for emergency appointments and medical treatments.

Arrange Family Activities

Instead of just enjoying the freedom to do whatever you would like to do, it is important that you plan days out as a family. Take a trip to the mountains, go camping, hire a bike, or explore ancient ruins. No matter what your plan is, you will have to take into consideration everyone’s preferences and needs. After all, you want them to have as much fun as possible, instead of just following instructions. Smaller kids might not be that keen on old and dark museums; they need space and inspiration.

Work On Creating Memories

To get your family to remember the trip, you can make a plan to create memories. Get the kids to document everything, record the best part of the journey, or draw about it. To embed the memories, you should also try to sit down after every adventure and write down what everyone enjoyed the most. You can create a traditional scrapbook diary, or a video account of the best part of the journey and vacation.

Establish the Infrastructure to Run Your Business Remotely

When you are out and about, enjoying the freedom and the company of your loved ones, you will not want to worry about your clients and whether or not your emails are getting answered. Hiring a virtual assistant might be a good idea, and will cost you less than you would think. You will also need to ensure that you will have access to fast internet for a couple of hours a day, so you can monitor what is going on in your business, no matter if you are selling products or blogging for a living.

Take Educational Trips

To make the most out of your summer vacation with your kids, you might want to take your home education one step further. Choose cultural and geology trips that will improve their knowledge of the world and help them with their school subjects. Dinosaur parks are going to be popular among smaller children. Work ahead for the following school year, and look at the subjects your kids are going to cover, so you can make the vacation useful for them.

Learn a New Skill Or Two

Of course, self development is also important. It is good to take a step back from your usual environment and routine, but why not use the free time to learn something that will take you or your kids further in life? Are you interested in ancient history or traditional crafts? Maybe you would like to pick up some new recipes? Find a local course and take advantage of the learning opportunity.


Taking a step back from your business and spending some quality time with your family might be one of the best decisions you can make. Plan the journey, fill it with memories, and you will return with more energy and focus at the end of the summer.

**This is a collaborative post**

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