Avoid slipping into debt this festive season

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Christmas can prove to be an extremely costly time of year. A combination of the increasing price of trees, decorations, entertainment, and gifts and the social pressure associated with keeping up with everyone else (by attending multiple social events and gifting people equally to what they gifted you), it’s not all too surprising that many of us slip into debt before January. In fact, many people find themselves still paying Christmas off months into the new year. This, however, is something that can be avoided.

Spend Within Your Means

The first step that you need to take in the upcoming months is to only spend within your means. Create a budget, work out your disposable income, and make sure that you don’t exceed it at any cost. Allocate certain sums of money to certain areas that you want to invest in – this could be food shopping, decorations, parties, or presents. Don’t bow down to social pressure to spend. Your loved ones will understand and anybody who doesn’t, doesn’t deserve a gift anyway!



There are, of course, certain gifts that take priority over this season. If you have children, you’re going to want to leave them something under the tree on Christmas morning. The good news is that you can reduce spending on kids gifts by using voucher codes. The infographic from Netvouchercodes.co.uk below should help to familiarise you with a few facts and figures regarding the average spend on children over the holidays!


Infographic Design By NetVoucherCodes.co.uk


**This is a collaborative post**

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