Avoid These Living Room Decoration Disasters

Most of us spend a lot of time in our living room and they often become the most cluttered of places. There can be magazines left lying around, cups not taken for washing and clothes left in there from the day before. We just live in them from day-to-day and do not always notice that the furniture is beginning to wear out and the curtains are looking tired, as these things creep up on us over time. Then suddenly one day you will spot these things, along with the dust that has accumulated along the top of the mirrors and door frames.

So now the time has come to redecorate and make your living room look good again, but please avoid these common mistakes along the way.

Choose Furniture Before Decorating

It is a common mistake to paint the walls first and then try and find furniture to match. It is much easier the other way around, as paints will come in far more colours than the three-piece suite you have fallen in love with.

Not Trying Them Out

The sofas and armchairs you are about to order may look stunning, but what if they are uncomfortable to sit on? This is your living room we are talking about where comfort should be a priority. Try sitting on the furniture before you buy and if the shop refuses to let you, then go elsewhere.

Forgetting Accessories

When you are told not to forget some accessories, it is not the magazines that are left lying around that count. It is things such as coffee tables, lamps, cushions, pictures, and ornaments. Lombok has some great coffee tables, and in fact, has furniture for every room of your home. Try to choose pieces that go together, but maybe aren’t too similar, to make the room interesting, if you can.

Not Looking At The Size

It can be a real disaster if you buy a sofa that is too large for a room. It could mean it is hard to navigate to the other side. But it can also be a problem if the piece of art is too small; it will look lost on a large blank wall. Or a tiny rug in the middle of a large room will also not look too good.

Take the measurements of your room with you when you go to buy furniture to prevent you by buying anything that is too big or small.

Not Considering A Growing Family

The cream sofa and white shag pile rug might look really stunning in your living room, but then you start a family or buy a pet and they could be ruined in no time at all. If children or pets are in your future plans, or you already have them to need to buy more wear-friendly furniture so that they can enjoy your living room too.

Making The TV The Focal Point

The focal point of your living room will be the first thing people see when they enter it, and really that should not be your TV. As much as we all love to watch the box, it would be much better if the focal point is a fireplace or a piece of art. Arrange your furniture so that other activities can take place in your living room, with the TV being the main one.


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