Bag, bags, bags – I love bags

I can remember my first handbag – it was made in a leather shop in Cyprus and was a little leather satchel with embroidery on the side.

From then on I’ve been obsessed with handbags; and I’ve built up quite a collection over the years.  And it’s not just handbags – since hessian shopping bags and reusable shopping bags came into fashion I feel almost compelled to buy any that are pretty or functional.  My current favourite being a carrot shaped one!

We are going away in a few weeks and I need to buy a new bag – something like a holdall that isn’t too big and is easy to carry as it’ll be just me and the boy on a train, I can’t be juggling a suitcase!

Lunch bags are also a new obsession for me – many shops sell pretty lunchboxes and bags with multiple sections and inspirational quotes, perfect for taking to work or on days out.

It’s not just me that loves a bag – the boy is obsessed with carrying his own bag everywhere, which is a relief now we don’t use the pushchair anymore and we love bright and bold colours and designs.

When we used the pushchair I used to use a handy organiser that attached to the pushchair handles and also allowed a changing bag to be hooked on as well.

I still use my changing bag – to this day it’s one of my favourite bags and it has always come in handy.

As a family we spend our free time walking and exploring; so we take a rucksack with plenty of space for drinks, snacks, spare clothes(it’s very muddy at the moment) and any other essentials we might need.  Comfort is important too – there is nothing worse than walking miles with a bag causing discomfort.

But life always comes back to a handbag, especially now I don’t need to carry a change bag around with me all the time; and with so many designs and styles it’s hard to choose one.  Hence why I have many…

My favourite style is over-the-shoulder, medium sized and brown or grey – they generally go with any outfit, they are easy to grab and chuck over my shoulder and are big enough to fit my phone, keys, purse, and usually a packet of baby wipes and a toy car(the boy likes to leave a load in the bottom of my bag!).

With Summer coming I am looking forward to checking out the latest styles and trends; embroidery seems to be very ‘in’ this season, and I can’t wait to find my next handbag!




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