Bathroom Solutions – A Guide to Shower Selection

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is all about comfort and convenience and if you have decided it is time for a revamp, there is much to consider. In these eco-friendly times, the traditional bathtub is no longer a feasible option and if your bathroom is a little on the small side, you can save a few square metres by installing a shower. There are a number of different shower types, so it is worthwhile to consider all of your options, and with that in mind, here is a brief rundown on the different types of bathroom shower units available today.

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  • The Mixer Shower – As the name suggests, the mixer unit combines cold and hot water to give you the required temperature. The latest versions incorporate a temperature control system, so if a hot water tap is turned on in another room, for example, you would not suddenly experience cold water, and vice versa. The mixer shower is very popular and works with both low and high pressure water systems. By searching online for home improvement suppliers, there are many Grohe shower options you can choose from, and the online supplier would likely have every type of shower and a wide range of styles to suit every setting.
  • The Electric Shower – The tried and trusted electric shower unit is still a popular choice among UK homeowners, with hot water on demand that involves an electric element that heats the main water as it is passed through. This is an energy efficient way of heating the water, as you are not heating water in a tank, which is wasteful, and should you have a hot water system and it suddenly breaks down, the electric shower always delivers the right temperature water when you want it.
  • The Digital Shower – This innovative alternative to the electric shower is very eco-friendly and incorporates lots of features. If you decide on a concealed unit, all that is visible are the shower head and the control handle, making for a neat and uncluttered look. You can select your preferred shower experience regarding water temperature and pressure and the system will remember these settings. Typically, the digital shower is sleek and slimline, making for an excellent addition to any modern bathroom, and there are many exciting designs, all at affordable prices. If space is lacking in your bathroom, here is an article with tips on how to make the bathroom appear larger, with some unique solutions.
  • The Power Shower – A great way to get the circulation moving in the morning is to take a power shower, and if you have ever stayed in rated hotel, the chances are they have power showers in all their suites. This is the ideal solution for a low water pressure environment, as the system includes a pump, which ensure the water pressure is high. Using a power shower is very invigorating and once you’ve had one installed at home, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
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There are pluses and minuses for each shower type and it really is down to personal preference as to which type you choose. If saving energy is important to you, the digital model would be ideal – also for homes with low water pressure, while the hot water on demand solution that electric showers offer is another popular choice.


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