Be Eco-Conscious At Home Easily

Conserve energy as much as possible. When you’re working from home or during lockdown especially, it’s tempting to keep the lights switched on and to run the shower for longer. If everyone used only what was necessary, think about how much energy would be saved. So, turn the lights off when they’re not in use. Keep showering times to a minimum. If it’s not needed, turn off the air conditioning. By using some quick and easy tips to make your home smarter, then you will be able to save money and live a more improved lifestyle. It doesn’t take a lot of effort but it does require some educating in order to understand and appreciate the changes you should make. It can even help reduce your anxiety.

Transport and not using as much energy! 


There are lots of ways to get around on holiday. Make the most of the weather and walk as much as you can. Or, consider hiring a bike. These are healthier choices, as well as being kinder to the environment. Rather than hiring a car for the duration of the trip, consider taking a taxi or taking public transport. 


Buy Responsibly, avoid plastic like the plague! 


Is it possible to cut down on the amount of bags and packaging you use? It sure is. Most shops are trying to cut down on plastic use so having your own tote bag is key. Never buy any souvenirs or knick-knacks made from animal products either as this is going to only add to the problem and isn’t a smart move. Recycling is great but don’t buy the things that are going to destroy the planet and the wild life in the first place. That is key. You should always focus on eco friendly shops and plastic free packaging. 


Home improvements


Adding a little bit of improvement to your home will aid greatly. Cars passing by and polluting the area and the temperature in your home being too hot or too cold. The noise and temperature in your home can affect you and there are ways to monitor it. You can learn more about it with Minut and click here. You may also want to look at adding a humidifier which will improve the air quality so when you’re working from home you are not breathing in stale and dry air which can lead to coughs and feeling sluggish. Fresh air will naturally wake you up and generally make you feel more productive day to day.


When you’re travelling around, think smart


When researching your accommodation, even in this country, it’s good to ask yourself some questions about where you’re going and what you can do to help. So ask the following questions: 


  • Do you have a waste recycling policy for staff, visitors and guests?
  • What is your energy efficient rating? Different rating systems will depend on the country 
  • Do you use sustainable energy? Eg. solar power or wind power?
  • Do they offer a bike program so you can cycle around and not have to use your car?

**This is a collaborative post**

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