Blog critique: not always from a good place

This morning I made a mistake.  I regretted it instantly.

In a Facebook group a seemingly kind person was offering tips and tricks after sharing some frustrations that blogging for many is just about freebies and payment.

I asked him to have a look at my blog and offer some advice.


He absolutely went to town.

I’m absolutely not bothered – my rule of thumb is that authentic critique will always have positives and negatives, if its an extreme one way or the other then it will be bullshit.

I found it laughable to be quite honest.

I did take a few bits of good from it; he said the slider was causing slowness and my categories were unclear, which I can see was an issue and I have rectified it.

But apparently my blog name needs changing, and my content is questionable.

Firstly there is apparently so much to blogging – yes, this can be the case but blogging is writing about whatever you want.  Let’s not get all over-technical with it.  Writing about shitty nappies and depression isn’t going to be literary genius; it’s what you make it.

‘I clicked on your site and it was an assault on the senses’


My categories were rubbish.  No headers in my blog posts.  No clear direction.

And my favourite bit:

Now, now.  Big ouch.

And then another person came along with this:

Not sure what the IG bit is about, there are social media links but not a one-woman IG love campaign.

What do I think?

I started my blog to share my thoughts and feelings; not to make money or attract people by writing things that I have fabricated for more views.

I keep it real; I’m honest and I’m being me.

Am I experienced in web design, branding, social media?  No.

Am I here to make my fortune?  No.

I’m here because I love writing and this blog is healing my head and heart.

Everything I receive a message from a fellow mum or even dad who can relate, ask for advice or even just say hi – it makes me proud of what I have achieved and makes all the hard work worth it.

Have no fear – I’m not going anywhere.


6 thoughts on “Blog critique: not always from a good place

  1. I’ve only just discovered your blog, and am loving your honesty! As a total beginner I have no idea what I’m doing, except as you say, writing! Keep on doing it your way x

  2. I think your blog is great Lisa and your content is personable and different. You keep it real to you. I hate SEO style blogs that are obviously written to attract views and immediately switch off as soon as I notice this. This has never been the case with your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Criticism can be hard especially if it’s not constructive. I think give advice if asked about the layout but you can’t really comment on content because that’s unique to you. Good on you for writing for yourself and not the views, it’s a shame more bloggers aren’t taking this approach.
    Kristine Gibbons recently posted…A day out at Hop Farm…. A Review.My Profile

  4. Haha if your blog is an assault on the senses then got knows what mine is with it’s zebra stripes. I think yours is perfect, as long as blogs have clear fonts and readable content then I am happy as a reader. Take on the feedback, make positive changes you are comfy with but don’t feel disheartened xx

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