Books, glorious books

I can remember being maybe 6 or 7 and my teacher talking to my mum about how I was struggling to read and how I was behind all the other children.  I don’t remember feeling particularly bothered about it but I remember words looked funny to me.

“She’ll never be a fast reader and will always need extra help with reading and writing” my teacher said.

A little help and encouragement

My next memory is the special teacher that came and sat with me most days at school and helped me learn to read and write.  I forget her name but she was amazing, she taught me how to read books and how to imagine characters and places and lose myself in the most amazing stories.

From then on I always had my head in a book.  I would read anything and everything and I loved writing my own stories.

A bookworm was born

Every Saturday my Nan and Grandad would give me a £1 pocket money and there was a little bookshop in town that sold classic books for a £1 each; they were hardcover and I still have a number of them – it was there I bought my first Enid Blyton book(The Famous Five) and I read so many amazing books; Arthur Ransome, Shirley Hughes and, of course, Enid Blyton being my absolute favourite.

When the boy was born three years ago I found myself wandering bookshops looking for classic books that I had enjoyed as a child and new ones such as The Gruffalo.  From an early age we’ve spent many hours reading and enjoying books.

When the very lovely The Book People offered us a selection of books for review we were very excited; there is so much choice and something for everyone and a huge selection of children’s books.  After what seemed like the hardest decision ever I decided to pick some of my favourites and books that have inspired me and I still enjoy today.

For the mancub we received ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr; one of my absolute favourites.  Judith also wrote a semi-autobiographical book called ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ which is a great read and talks about the Second World War through the eyes of a child.

I loved the Shirley Hughes collection – it comes in a little tote bag and I loved the ABC and 123 ones especially as they are fun but also educational – win-win!

My favourite books growing up were the ‘Famous Five’, ‘Secret Seven’ and ‘Adventurous Four’ series and I can remember thinking that tongue sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer sounded, well, less than delightful… but this Enid Blyton cookbook looked really quirky and has some really lovely recipes that I can make with the boy.  I’m pleased to report there are no tongue sandwich recipes…

And the absolute pièce-de-résistance?  The 22-book definitive Famous Five collection.  I squealed when I unwrapped this beautiful boxed set of books; it contains the 21 books plus the short stories collection and it’s just… beautiful.  I can’t wait to read them all again, and again, and maybe again, and be able to pass them on when the small one is old enough.  Or maybe keep them for myself… okay so he *might* be allowed to borrow them…

Ordering from The Book People is simple – the website is easy to navigate and ordering is really quick.  I recommend looking for the ‘hand-picked favourites’ – you can find some treasures at really reasonable prices.

Overall I would recommend The Book People and will definitely be ordering again – the website, choice of books and ordering is top-notch – please go and check them out!

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