BOOSTme, Fun & Fitness At Home – Review

**I received a month’s subscription to BOOSTme in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own**

Confession time – I love exercise but hate it.  Confused?  Me too…

Over the years I’ve joined numerous gyms, classes, bootcamps – I’ve tried running, walking, hooping – and aside from walking which I’ve always loved I can’t find an enjoyable form of exercise.

Back in December 2018 I was given six months by my Rheumatology consultant to get fit in the hope it will dramatically strengthen my back and hips and improve my chronic illness.  And that’s where BOOSTme comes in…

What is BOOSTme?

Let’s start by talking about BOOSTfit first – it’s a fitness class with a difference; designed to be taken at your own pace in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  It’s also designed to ‘BOOST’ your mind, body and soul.  You go to class to get your BOOST – and you’ll feel amazing for it.

BOOSTfit runs in various locations but unfortunately at the time none were running near enough for it to be viable for me, so when BOOSTme was announced I was very excited.  BOOSTme is BOOSTfit’s new little sister, designed for anyone who can’t make class for whatever reason.

BOOSTme is all about getting your BOOST at home – you pay a monthly subscription and you get access to videos, a Facebook group, and lots of help and support.  It’s perfect for anyone who struggles to get to class or even people like me who were maybe too nervous to go to class.

Getting Your BOOST At Home

The BOOSTme videos are shared through OneDrive and you can watch on your phone, tablet, or mirror/cast to your TV.  I’ve found I prefer to use my phone but use a bluetooth speaker to play it nice and loud and totally immerse myself in it.

Both BOOSTfit and BOOSTme are made up of sections – you start with a warm up, then moving through different sections that work the whole body and mind including Boost Your Mood, Boost Your Strength, Shake It Off and Stretch it out.

Stress Bust is my favourite – you are encouraged to put all your anger, frustrations and stresses in an imaginary bubble and you then air-pummel the hell out of it.  I always feel so much better after this section!

Louise The Legend

The founder of BOOSTfit and instructor for the BOOSTme videos is the amazing Louise – I couldn’t not write a review without mentioning how fabulous she is.  She’ll have you whoop-whooping in your kitchen, she’s an amazing instructor and she’s so supportive.

Sweaty but happy!

If you need any help, guidance, support or a rant there is always someone around to help in the private Facebook group for subscribers along with lots of fabulous people; there is something so warming, friendly, empowering and lovely about both the classes and home options.

Suitable For All?

As someone who suffers from a chronic illness I can honestly say it is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.  Both online and in class you’ll see low, medium and high options being shown so you can take each move as you like.  There is no pressure – you can do as little or as much as you like.  BOOSTfit also works closely with an Osteopath and the stretches and moves are choreographed with everyone in mind.

Would I recommend BOOSTme?

Yes, yes, yes and yes – I am now a paying member and I will continue to do so – BOOSTme can be adapted to suit your fitness levels and it’s better than any gym or class workout I’ve ever done.  I also attended a BOOSTfit class in Tonbridge and I can hand on heart tell you I struggled in places; I’ve got two left feet and I have no rhythm but it really doesn’t matter – it’s all about just being you, no pressure just fun.

How Much Is It?

A BOOSTfit class costs £6 and BOOSTme is a monthly PayPal subscription costing £20 for your first month and £30 every month after.  You can sign up by clicking here.

I love reviewing something that truly makes me happy – and BOOSTme has done exactly that – I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s awesome!

Click here to find out more 🙂



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