Bridesmaid Appreciation: Making Your Girls Feel Good

Every woman needs her girls by her side when she gets married. She needs their input for the wedding dress, their support when it comes to wedding looks, and she needs their help with picking out the small things (such as shoes!). Without these girls, the wedding isn’t going to feel the same. Their moral support alone is exactly what every bride needs to make sure her wedding is going to work correctly.

Without meaning to, there’s a chance that you could succumb to Bridezilla behaviour – and these are the girls who are more likely to forgive you if you provide stunning mauve bridesmaid dresses over the fugly florals of old. To make sure that you are showing your girls your appreciation on your big day, you need to consider how you can make it unique for them, too.


Always Choose Dresses Wisely

Okay, so you have a specific idea about your colours, but that doesn’t mean that you need to have the bridesmaids in exactly matching dresses. All women come with insecurities and doubts, and instead of forcing any of your bridesmaids to be uncomfortable, why not offer to stick to one colour, but whatever dress they feel comfortable in? It doesn’t matter if you have a mix of dress styles, as long as the colour is the right theme, you can have a beautiful and uniform look for your wedding. Please pay attention to their body types and pick the styles that balance their shapes. You can also help them to choose the shoes that fit and feel good. These girls are going to be on their feet with you all day; they deserve a little comfort.

Be The Star Among The Stars

Your girls? They’re going to look stunning because you’ll pay for their hair and makeup to be done by a professional, just like yours. You’re going to be the main event; as the bride, people will have their eyes on you. This doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids should be left out. They’re the perfect support for your wedding day, and you should embrace their positive energy and beauty on your wedding day. They deserve to stand out.

Give A Gift

You’re already likely to be tapped out when it comes to your wedding budget, but with the right planning, you can ensure that you give a gift that is never forgotten. Some of the options include bridesmaid survival kits that have things like extra tights, mints, and lip balm for during the day. There should also be tissues to dab the tears at your love delicately. You could also include something cute, like new earrings or a necklace for each bridesmaid to thank them for being there for you on the biggest day of your life.


Your bridesmaids are going to be with you throughout the stressful planning stages, the “hair down hen party” stages, and they’re going to be there on the day to keep you fed, calm, and even hold your dress while you pee. Treat them well, and your day will be unforgettable.

**This is a collaborative post**


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