Tips When Booking A Holiday On A Budget

A holiday is a costly expense, especially when your household is no longer just you and a partner. But with the right amount of research and handy hacks, you can definitely work with a tight budget. Here are some tips when booking a holiday on a budget.

Book Your Flights At A Certain Time

Did you know that the time you book your flight is important to saving money? During popular periods of the week, the cost of flights will be at their highest. But there are certain times like Tuesday mornings and close to midnight where you may find that some flights are discounted or are considerably less than usual. This can be great when you’re trying to accommodate a family trip as flights tend to be the most expensive aspect of the holiday and the more money you can save for this, the better.

Take Advantage Of Apps

Apps are taking over our lives at the moment – and for the better. There’s pretty much an app for everything nowadays whether it’s looking after your finances with mobile banking or controlling the household appliances from the comfort of your sofa. Apps can be great for when it comes to booking holiday deals. One great example is an app called Hopper. This handy piece of software can tell you when the best time is to book flights to get the most out of your money. It can also keep you alerted of any price drops or rises. Jack’s Flight Club is also another great booking app that sends you details of flights and discounts on flights whether that’s due to pricing errors or hidden offers. The offers can often be very impressive!

See If Any Friends Or Family Know A Travel Agent

You’d be surprised at the talents and jobs you family and friends may have or know of within their friendship circles. When it comes to booking with a travel agent, some work independently and may have more offers available than the standard travel agency. They may specialize in securing heavier discounts, and this might be worth looking into if you think one of your friends or family members knows someone. Mates rates are the best type of rates going!

Take Your Main Holiday During October

If you’re a sun-worshipper, then June-September is going to be the prime time for getting the most of the sunshine. However, in some locations, October still has a lot of good weather to take advantage of if you know where to look. October half-term is, therefore, the perfect time to make it your main holiday, rather than having to go during the months when it’s going to be the most expensive. It’s also a nice treat to enjoy right before the Christmas period begins and to get away from the cold weather at home.

Holidays don’t need to be costly if you’ve planned ahead and used the tips above. Save yourself some money and know that booking a holiday is possible, no matter what your budget is.

**This is a collaborative post**

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