Buying your way to the top: the dark side of blogging

This little blog has been running for eighteen months now, it’s been steadily growing and I’m enjoying writing and learning to up my game every day.

I’ve reached a point where I do get offered items to review for free, such as toys and days out and I do get paid for some of my posts – sponsored posts are often seen to be ‘selling out’ but lets be real – the cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper and the bills need to be paid, the kids need to be fed.  I’ll put my hands up and admit I’ve been paid £15-£80 to place a link in a blog post, because why wouldn’t I when there is three miles left in the tank and only mouldy bread in the cupboard.

But a massive, MASSIVE issue at the moment are the cheats. There are bloggers out there that don’t deserve to call themselves bloggers. They are a disgrace – why?

Because they buy followers, likes, views and just about anything that makes them look bigger than they are.

All bloggers will tell you the importance of social media – it’s how you get your voice heard, your posts read and in order to grow your blog generally your followers grow and your views increase.

For me it’s also awesome to speak to other people – to share stories, jokes, and to support other people.  Twitter is and always has been my favourite for this very reason, I love interacting with people and I get a lot of views from it too.

When opportunities come around you have to sell yourself to the PR/brand/contact – they will often ask for certain statistics such as domain authority or views as well as social media followers.

And that’s half the problem – my 1400 organic Instagram followers look absolutely shite next to Fake Freda’s 8000 that she’s bought..

So Fake Freda, who puts little to no effort in, gets the gig and I don’t.

But how do I know that Fake Freda is, well, fake?

It’s quite simple, really – go to Fake Freda’s profile.  She has 9,586 followers, wow.  She’s following only 300 people – so she must have really amazing photos, or things that are relatable, right?

A quick look through her feed – the photos are, well, a bit boring, not particularly amazing and aren’t anything to write home about.  Fake Freda also has only ever posted 89 photos – wow, so 9,586 followers for 89 photos?


What about likes and comments on photos – surely for that many followers she should have a fair few per photo, right?  Each photo averages 30 likes – that’s odd.  And the comments look, well, bot-like.

And then you stumble across three photos in a row that have thousands of likes – oddly they all have the exact same number of likes.

What about those photos that have 163 likes exactly two minutes after posting?  And then 326 after another two minutes?


“873,928 likes – U OK HUN”

Further investigation involves clicking on Fake Freda’s followers – have a scroll through and you will see thousands upon THOUSANDS of overseas followers that have a username such as ‘jdhsjshdhe.ksj’ and no profile photo, no photos on their feed and they follow thousands of people.

So, what does this mean?  In reality, Fake Freda is a complete arsehole and an utter disgrace.

Because, in reality, Fake Freda probably only has 500 Instagram followers.  And she also doesn’t engage with any of them at all.

A quick look at Fake Freda’s other social media accounts show under fifty Twitter followers and a few hundred on Facebook.

“I’ve got over 10K followers across my social media, huns” – and now you know – she lies.

It is so fucking wrong for people to think it’s okay to do this – for people who want all the Insta-fame, all the money, and all the gigs to pay for followers.  You are conning brands, alienating yourself.


I hope in time to come this disgraceful practice is stopped – and the system is fairer to those who play the game by the rules.  Let’s all play nice and get back to the love of the writing and engaging.

Have you come across this?  Please get in touch and let me know, we can’t let this utter fuckery carry on.


**This is not a sponsored post, it’s just a rant**


One thought on “Buying your way to the top: the dark side of blogging

  1. Yep, definitely see this on a daily basis and yep Instagram is the worst for it. You will see people like you and me panicking over the numbers and others posting into groups asking why they can’t grow after being at it for 2/3 years and the truth is, no one is growing. We are all in the same boat and some of us just keep working damn hard at it and others, well, they buy followers to make themselves look and feel better. Nope it isn’t fair that they get the work but hopefully with tots 100 clamping down on their charts and opps and more brands asking for results in engagement, click throughs, comments etc these people will start to feel a bit stupid! Keep going xx

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