Can I pass on the Prosecco please, I’m feeling poorlier

I don’t even think poorlier is a word but I’m going with it.

I know I’m full of doom and gloom of late but I’m feeling worse and worse by the day and I guess talking about it makes me feel better.  I’d also love to chat to people who possibly feel the same or know of anything that may help.

Last night I struggled to get up the stairs, my hips, knees, ankles and toes hurt so bad, so it was a large painkiller kind of night.

I woke up feeling drunk, groggy, and stiff. Grrrr.

I said to hubbo this morning I think enough is enough and I need to ring the doctor again.  The pain is getting worse and it’s not going away like it was; it used to happen maybe every other month and last a week or so and now it’s almost constant.

My doctor was great and I’ve had a lot of bloods done today.  I just hope I can get answers; and it’s not the same as every other month.

Usually I see a doctor, they take bloods, and then say they need blood a month later to compare.

By the time they take the second lot of blood I feel much better and there’s no issue.

They have thrown all sorts of words around; fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, hashimotos thyroiditus, ME, but no diagnosis has been made.

It’s 6pm and I’ve been in bed since five.  I felt so tired and achey I couldn’t face cooking dinner.

Warmth seems to help but not greatly. The only painkillers that work knock me out for 12+ hours.

I’m a useless wife; I can’t lift a basket of washing, can’t cook a dinner, can’t pick a hoover up.

I’m an even more useless Mum; I can’t change a nappy and I can’t lift my own son.

I need answers and I need help now, I’m 31 and I feel 97.

I can’t even drink, it’s more I’ll pass on the Prosecco please at the moment.

Fuck my life.  But I’ll try and sleep it off, and have a happier day tomorrow.


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