Can You Create A Stylish Kitchen On A Budget?

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes – the place where we retreat from the world to cook something delicious, spend time with our families and have our friends over to hang out. So it’s little wonder that a beautiful, well-organized kitchen is at the top of most people’s home wishlists. However, a complete kitchen renovation very often sounds expensive. You may not have the budget available right now for quartz worktops and a complete redesign. There are still plenty of ways to make over your space without spending a fortune. It is very possible to take a look with fresh eyes and create a really stylish kitchen on a reasonable budget – if you know how…

Upcycle Your Space


It’s possible to make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen just with a few simple swaps. Changing the paint colours can make a dramatic change, and repainting your kitchen cabinets or your walls is simple, can be done yourself and the costs are minimal. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even get special adhesive film to re-cover your worktops and paint or transfers that will change up kitchen tiles. There are lots of innovative products out there for freshening up the kitchen. If you do have a small budget to change the layout, there are also ways to save on the cost of a brand new kitchen. For example, you can order custom fronts for ikea kitchens. This results in a big saving as you can get the carcass of the units cheaply and still get the look you want with the doors.


Get Smart About Storage


Storage is everything, especially if you have a limited space to work with. A very cluttered kitchen can look so much darker and more cramped. Make the most of the space you have by subdividing your cupboards using plastic shelves to maximise the vertical room, or option for a stylish hanging pan rack to display beautiful cookware. You can also buy drawer partitions to claim back unused space and make everything more organised. Having a home for all of your kitchen items will give you a clean and stylish space to show off. 


Add Some Lighting


Lighting is another way to make a big impact on a small budget. The lighting in an expensive designer kitchen is an important element in creating a space that is both beautiful and functional. You can improve the lighting in your space quite simply, using LED spotlights and strip lighting fitted under the cabinets – this doesn’t even require an electrician as it runs from batteries. Similarly, fitting a dramatic pendant light fitting over a kitchen island or a dining table can really define the space, give it a focal point and create a stylish touch without having to cost the earth.  Kitchen lighting needs to be a mixture of functional, brighter task lighting to help you with tasks such as food prep and softer, ambient lighting for entertaining, eating and hanging out.

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