Car Servicing for Dummies

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Cars.  They are expensive and a bit of a pain but necessary – in the UK cars legally must pass an MOT test but an option not everyone opts for is an annual service.

What is car servicing?

A car service usually involves an oil and filter change, a top up of all the key fluids in the engine (washer fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid) and a number of checks to make sure all is well with your car.

Some of what an MOT covers does overlap with a service and vice-versa but they are a must to keep your car running well.  It is also believed that by having your oil and filters changed your car will run better, smoother and more economically.

Avoid breakdowns

Aren’t we all guilty of thinking ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ – but major and expensive faults can be avoided by keeping on top of servicing, which in turn avoids irritating breakdowns.

Different types of service

It can be baffling walking into a garage and hearing a list of service options, often described as interim, major, full, basic, gold, silver, bronze – is there much difference?

Most garages will offer a basic, middle and top of the range option which will usually state a certain amount of checks that they cover.  Manufacturers also offer a service, sometimes included in the cost of buying a new car for a certain amount of time.  This guide from the AA gives lots of details and information on what is involved and what should be provided.


Most new cars come with a minimum three year warranty and are exempt from MOT testing during those initial three years so it’s impertive to keep up with servicing – if you get your service book stamped a car with a full service history will sell on easier, plus you may well find your warranty becomes invalid if you do not keep up with servicing.

Never presume

As above, short journeys can cause strain and wear on cars as much as long journeys and servicing can potentially detect any issues before they present themselves.  Things like worn brake pads, discs, tyres and windscreen wipers you tend not to think about and they only become an issue when detected, along with a hefty bill!

How to find a reputable garage

I’ve been personally ripped off so I find it hard to find a garage that I trust to service my vehicle because of past experience; however my tips would be to go on friends and family’s recommendations, look at online reviews and ask for pricing and more information and most places will be happy to help.  Do they have a waiting/viewing area – another point to consider, trust your gut and you’ll be fine.

Locally to all you can find garages in most towns and villages such as car servicing perfect for your vehicle at Fife Stirling Autocentre.  Type ‘car service near me’ into Google and you’ll see a list or garages closest to you – ring around, get some quotes and get a feel for them before committing.

So, there you go – car servicing is vitally important – don’t get caught out!


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