CaseApp – win a personalised phone or tablet case!

I’m terrible with phones and tablets – the amount of times I lose them down the back of the sofa, the car or my handbag is unreal so I love finding lovely cases that protect my devices.

I came across CaseApp one day while looking for Christmas presents and was super excited to be able to review a couple of their products.

I found the website easy to navigate; you can choose your device and then upload photos to fit or you can choose from a number of preset designs.

I currently have an iPhone 8 and so I went for a standard case and a toughened one to try.  I decided to try personalising both and was impressed with how easy it was.

Once they arrived I was impressed with the quality of the products, especially the toughened case; there were no rough edges and the products are very well made.

Prices range from £19 and there are a few delivery options – you can check them out here and enter my giveaway below…

CaseApp Personalised Product Giveaway

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