Spring Hair Tips

It's nearly Easter and at last here in the UK Spring is starting to make an appearance - and my Winter trick of covering up my hair with a hat is no longer possible. (more…)

Choosing The Best Flooring For Children’

Playground flooring is something that needs to be considered carefully. After all, the children’s safety is of paramount importance. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially as there are so many different surfacing contractors, whom advocate different types of materials and, of course, all say that their service is the best. Nevertheless, there really is only....{Click Here to Read More!}

The Important Role of Libraries

It’s all good and well that humans have the capability to figure things out, but if we didn’t then pass on what we’ve learned, then we wouldn’t be able to advance all that much. Indeed, the key part of human advancement isn’t necessarily our intelligence: it’s knowing which information to transmit to the next generation. We only know how to....{Click Here to Read More!}