Family friendly budgeting tips

I've always been terrible with money - I stupidly overspent in my early twenties and as a result I've ended up with loans and monthly payments to keep up. (more…)
The next home project: the boy’s room

The next home project: the boy’s room

We have lived in our house for five years now and it's looking tatty; it's painted head to toe in magnolia(yuk) apart from the kitchen which I painted white and grey last year. The living room was the next big...Read More

Sprucing up the garden

It's nearly Summer(do we even have those anymore in England?) and it's time for our annual sprucing up of the garden. Our house is small but we are really lucky to be end of terrace and so our garden is...Read More

Getting organised

I love being organised - I've always got a notebook or organiser nearby and I'm always scribbling down things I need to remember.  I've never quite regained the memory I had before having a baby four years ago. I'm blaming...Read More

Freshen up your office space

The office.  When you think of an office it's usually a grey space with a small desk and a computer, and not much else. I worked in an office for nine years and often found myself staring into space -...Read More

5 cleaning hacks for the busy mum

I was never house proud until a few years ago, ironically when I became a mum and suddenly I felt the overwhelming urge to clean and tidy all the time. Unfortunately that's impossible with a baby/toddler/child - there is always...Read More