Review: Mums’ Night Out with The Unmumsy Mum & Giovanna Fletcher. 21st March 2017

So I booked tickets to Mums’ Night Out a while back; before my dabble into blogging I was a huge fan of Gi and I’ve read all her books and followed her blog since the beginning.  I found out I was pregnant the day Buzz was born so it’s been nice to read her stuff and see what I had to come.  I’m aware how fan-girl that sounds, no fucks given. I started following Sarah AKA The Unmumsy Mum from quite early on too, at a time when there wasn’t really any mum bloggers and I really loved her posts – so relatable and funny and they got me through many a night feed.  That awkward moment the baby has fallen asleep and long finished a feed and you didn’t realise because you were too busy reading.  I hope I’m not alone on that.

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