Getting The Best Shower For Your Bathroom

**This is a collaborative post** When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you should take the time to do some research and look at what the different options are that you have available to you. You will need to think about things such as the furniture you choose, and fixing such as taps and showers. (more…)

Sprucing up the garden

It's nearly Summer(do we even have those anymore in England?) and it's time for our annual sprucing up of the garden. Our house is small but we are really lucky to be end of terrace and so our garden is a decent size - over the years we have changed and tweaked the design to suit our ever-changing needs, especially....{Click Here to Read More!}

Getting organised

I love being organised - I've always got a notebook or organiser nearby and I'm always scribbling down things I need to remember.  I've never quite regained the memory I had before having a baby four years ago. I'm blaming baby brain(he'll be thirty and I'll still say the same). (more…)