CBD oil and anxiety: what’s the deal?

I’ve written before about CBD oil; it’s not something I knew a lot about until I tried it for my chronic pain.

Pain wise I wasn’t sure whether it did an awful lot but it did have a useful side effect – it really helped my anxiety and insomnia.

What is it?

CBD is an ingredient naturally sourced from hemp plants AKA the cannabis plant.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are found within cannabis and hemp plants. A naturally occurring substance, it can be extracted and mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed to create CBD oil.

How do I use CBD oil?

It can be used as a tincture under the tongue, taken as a capsule, a ‘gummie’ sweet or vaped. Vaping is actually one of the most popular ways to consume CBD products, Those experimenting with vaping might ask questions like “are d8 carts safe?” in order to find the best cartridges, just like how many consumers research the best gummies on the market.

A funny taste…

CBD Oil has a strange taste; I found it to taste a bit like oily grass – but you can have a glass of water, milk or any drink straight after and there is no after taste, it soon disappears!

A bad rep?

CBD oil can be misunderstood – CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a chemical found in a part of the cannabis plant and it’s the bit that doesn’t cause a high.  There is plenty of information online, such as this helpful ebook from Greyhound Chromatography which includes scientific facts and easy to understand diagrams.  There are plenty of online stores such as Goldbee.com where you can find good quality CBD oil.


So is it legal?

Yes and no, is the answer to that – CBD/Hemp oil is not considered a controlled substance in the UK so is 100% legal.  Always check the ingredients before you buy any CBD products, as long as the THC content is 0.2% or lower.

My experience

I bought a bottle of CBD oil from my local health food shop; I went for a low strength as I didn’t know what to expect and figured I’d start at a low dose and work my way up.

I noticed from the beginning that there was no ‘high’ or massive difference – I’d say to anyone who tries CBD oil to not expect a massive “wow, what a difference” moment because it won’t happen, but… it does help.

For example – in moments I’m very anxious, such as on the school run when I’m micromanaging every minute and every part of the journey from home to school to work; I usually notice a dry mouth, heart palpitations, a sort of deep internal panic that makes me want to hide and freezes me to the spot.

After a few days I noticed the heart palpitations were less, I felt like I could cope a little better and in the evenings when it came to relaxing and winding down I felt more relaxed and more able to actually calm my mind and wind down for bed.

I also slept a lot better – I still woke up, but the periods of sleep I did manage to get were much more refreshing.

Would I recommend it?

Pain, anxiety – if you have any conditions that could be helped by using CBD oil I’d highly recommend giving it a go – what’s to lose?  The only thing I will say is please check with your doctor if you are already taking any medication.



**This is a collaborative post**

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