Celebrate Ginuary and discover Scottish gin

Ginuary is almost here, a month dedicated to celebrating the world of gin. The antithesis of the commonly observed Dry January aims to celebrate the remarkable versatility of this spirit.

One popular destination to celebrate the month is in Scotland, where you can enjoy a range of gin-inspired breaks, discover Scottish gin, while also exploring everything that Scotland has to offer. And, there is no better place to stay than at the CLC Duchally Country Estate, a gin-lovers paradise.


So, whether you fancy just dedicating the month to enjoying new flavours, discovering new styles of gin, touring gin distilleries in Scotland, or simply trying your hand at creating new gin-based cocktails, if you love gin, then Ginuary is the month for you.

Celebrate Ginuary in Scotland

Scotland may be better known for whisky, but gin is seeing a resurgence, and could even be set to rival the amber nectar, with Scottish gin now accounting for around 70 percent of the UK’s overall gin production. Indeed, three of the world’s bestselling gins are all made in Scotland, with new artisan gins popping up all over the country.

Many of the gins produced in Scotland are infused with locally sourced unique botanicals and then handcrafted in small batches, ensuring sensational quality. From the wind-swept beaches of Inverness to the stunning Perthshire countryside and cobbled streets of Edinburgh, Scotland is the ideal destination to celebrate Ginuary and discover some of the best gin distilleries in Scotland.

Discover Scottish gin at CLC Duchally Country Estate


One place to celebrate Ginuary – and enjoy a wonderful break away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life – is at the multi-award-winning CLC Duchally Country Estate, a luxurious resort located in the heart of Perthshire.


The team at CLC Duchally Country Estate has partnered with a gin distillery in Scotland called Strathearn Distillery to launch a fantastic handcrafted Scottish gin, Gatehouse Gin.  


This distinctive flavoured gin is made at the Gatehouse Distillery, which uses only the very best ingredients sourced directly from CLC Duchally Country Estate’s botanical gardens and orchards, located within the estate’s 27 acres of private parkland. Juniper, coriander, sweet red apples, lemongrass, rosehip, gooseberry, pink grapefruit, and milk thistle are just some of the wonderful locally sourced ingredients that ensure a unique tasting gin.  


The gin is distilled in a pair of traditional copper alembic stills and distilled slowly allowing the natural hand-sourced ingredients from the estate to impart as much flavour as possible.


While at CLC Duchally Country Estate you can learn more about this Scottish gin with a tour of the Gatehouse Gin distillery, where the Master Taster will impart his wealth of knowledge on all things gin related, including how to make the ultimate gin cocktail.

The history of gin


Gin can be traced back to the Middle Ages and has a long and storied history. The spirit was originally based on the Dutch spirit “genever” which consisted of a malt wine base and a healthy amount of juniper berries to mask its unpalatable taste.

This juniper infused wine quickly became popular throughout Europe, and in particular in the UK, where it gained the new shortened moniker “gen” with some historians citing that this was because people were too intoxicated to pronounce its full name. Over the years the word “gen” became anglicised to “gin” and its popularity soared.


In 1689, when William III became King of England, Ireland, and Scotland he implemented a range of economic tactics, including tax breaks on spirits productions, including Scottish gin, leading to a period of time when a pint of gin was cheaper than a pint of beer.


In 1751 came the Gin Act, which aimed to crack down on the spirit, followed by, in 1830, a new still which allowed gin producers to produce a much cleaner and purer spirit, in line with what is commonly enjoyed today.


So, whether you like to enjoy a classic Gin and Tonic or a gin-based cocktail with a more creative twist, Ginuary is the ideal month to explore the world of gin.


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