Charity Begins At Home: Learning The Ways Your House Is Wasting Money

Money is such an overriding concern for us when we’re trying our best to conserve it. Whether we’re trying to fund the next home project, or we are looking to curtail our lifestyle, they say that charity begins at home. And as such, we need to look at our home to see if there are any ways that we are wasting money, not just in terms of the property itself, but the little things we do each and every day within it.

Improper Insulation

It’s a very little thing, but a lack of insulation can mean that we’re paying more money to heat our property. As such, if we use services like Rundle and Dorey to get insulation installed, it is going to save us a lot of money on our heating bill. It’s common sense to have your home insulated, especially if you’ve got an old build. And on the topic of heating and utilities, if you haven’t got the cheapest supplier, it’s important to take the time to find one. There are plenty out there that proclaim to be the cheapest, but there are also plenty of price comparison sites so you are able to save a decent chunk of money. After all, with everything increasing in price, we’ve got to try and claw it back somewhere.

Being Savvy With Your Meal Times

Lifestyle changes are the biggest ways we can save money, and in the home, when we are so used to microwavable meals, and convenience foods, instead, by being a bit more clever with our meals, and making them stretch further, we are getting a balanced diet, but also saving money. While there’s plenty of products out there that are trying to make mealtimes healthier and quicker, the best gift you can give yourself at home is the gift of batch cooking. By preparing meals way in advance, freezing up portions of them, and then digging them out ready to be heated, you’re saving yourself a lot of time.

Your Water Habits

It’s a little thing, but when you think about every time that you flush the toilet, you’re using around 6 litres of water. If you use the half flush function or purchase a dual flush button if you haven’t got one already, you can halve that. But also, if you become savvier in your water habits, you can save a big chunk of your water bill. Of course, water meters, and smart metres are the way forward, but for those that don’t have those, it’s about getting into worthwhile habits. For example, while brushing your teeth, do not leave the water running. When you think about how much water you could be wasting overall through these little habits, by addressing the problems, and seeing how much money it will save you, this becomes the incentive.

And in our home, unsurprisingly, there are so many different ways that we are wasting money. But if you get into the habit of making subtle lifestyle changes, in conjunction with looking for the best ways to save money in the home, we can really cut down our expenses.


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