Choosing Between Two Properties: 3 Factors To Consider


You’ve decided it’s time to move home; you’ve scoured the market; and you’ve found not one but two properties that would be the perfect choice. Now all you have to do is make the final decision, but the properties seem to be so evenly matched, making that decision is proving next to impossible.


The above situation is far from uncommon and, thankfully, there are three factors you can consider that should help to break the deadlock…


The area


Focus on exploring the wider area, taking into account the amenities, transport connections, parks, and shopping options close to each property in turn. If a property is better-connected, or you simply prefer one area over another, then include this assessment in your decision-making.


Ongoing costs


While the properties you are considering may be in a similar price bracket, the ongoing costs they may pose – such as council tax and insurance rates – may differ significantly. Look for insurance quotes and call the local council for each property, then decide which may be more suitable for your budget going forward.  Home loans are another thing to consider, such as from


Scope for improvements


Buying a new home is about meeting your family’s current requirements, but it can also be helpful to look ahead to how the property could be improved, and its value subsequently increased, in future. The infographic below is a great guide to the types of improvements that can add value to a home, so focusing on the property that provides the most scope for these kind of projects is definitely a factor to keep in mind when making your decision.



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