Christmas Is Coming. How Ready Is Your Wallet?

**This is a collaborative post**

In case you couldn’t already tell from the cold, dark mornings. Or the dull, gloomy afternoons. Or the fact that your heating bills have begun to skyrocket… December is well and truly with us. There’s a lot to love about this time of year; the crunch of frosty leaves underfoot, the new selection of seasonal goodies at your favourite coffee outlet and the coming promise of Christmas. However, while most of us look toward the festive season with joy and excitement, there are those of us who look to the coming of Christmas with apprehension if not outright fear. Christmas can, after all, wreak havoc with unprepared wallets.

If your excitement surrounding the Christmas holidays is tempered by money worries, fear not. There’s still time to rectify your finances so that you can enjoy the coming Christmas and ensure that you celebrate 2019’s festivities completely stress and worry free.

Savings are subjective

We all know that we should be saving up in time for the festive season, but this is often easier said than done. While there are a number of ways in which you can make saving for the Christmas holidays easier, it’s important to remember that robust savings start with the right savings account. If you’ve had the same savings account with your high street bank since you were a teenager, there’s a good chance that your savings aren’t working as hard for you as they should be. You may be better served with an online savings account. Because online banks have fewer overheads they are better positioned to give you more favourable rates. Here are some of this year’s best online savings accounts.

Get the Christmas lists in early

Kids are already excited for the coming of the Christmas holidays, why not capitalise on that excitement, while also ensuring that your finances are as well-prepared. Get them to write their Christmas lists early, with a comprehensive list of the toys that they hope Father Christmas will bring them.

This is not only an opportunity for you to budget accordingly, and shop around for the best deals on the presents they love. It leaves you with time to scour the internet for coupons and promotional codes. It’s also an opportunity for you to manage their expectations. If they have unrealistic expectations which are beyond the family’s festive budget, it’s better to break the news now rather than see the disappointment on their faces when the big day rolls around.

As much as our instincts may want us to give our children everything they want all the time, many a well-meaning parent has buried themselves under an avalanche of debt keeping up with their kids’ caprices.

Time to hustle

If you need to make some money in the run-up to Christmas, there’s plenty of time for you to develop a side hustle in your free time which will leave you with a little extra spending power over the festive period while potentially helping you to transition from your day job to the world of entrepreneurship. Here are some festive side hustles which could make you extra money in the run-up to the holiday season.

With a little forward planning and endeavour you could lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of happy Christmases!


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