Creating a Christmas Eve box

We started a new tradition with the elf this year and another I’m keen to start is the Christmas Eve box.  The little dude recently turned four and seems to be very much into and understanding what’s going on now.

A Christmas Eve box is basically what it suggests – a box of goodies for Christmas Eve.  The internet has all sorts of suggestions for things to put in it but ours will contain bits and bobs for a family movie before bedtime.

Christmas Eve is usually stressful to say the least; I’m usually running around trying to buy last minute bits and food and I want this year to be different – come 7pm I’m dropping everything(done or not) and we will be chilling out in our pyjamas and enjoying some family time ahead of the big day.  Probably with a Baileys in one hand.  Lush.

I’ve looked at various options for boxes over the last few years; there are a variety available online including handmade, wooden and personalised ones but I couldn’t justify the cost – so I spotted this and a few other designs in ASDA for the grand sum of £2 and couldn’t not really.

Of course you don’t have to buy one – why not decorate a shoe box or jazz up any sort of box.  You could have the elf deliver a plain box and let the kids decorate it, hide it away and then it can magically repappear on Christmas Eve.

In my box I’ve put a new pair of pyjamas, a film, popcorn and then a teddy and a book for Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Muddle is a lovely story completely personalised for your little people and it’s beautifully illustrated too.  (Click here to grab your own).

So that’s our Christmas Eve sorted – roll on the big day!

**We were sent a copy of The Christmas Muddle for review and inclusion in this post.**


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