Christmas Eve-Eve…

What a day!

This was me at 5.45am:

Yep, outside Tesco waiting to do my Christmas food shop.  It was quite busy and I had had an awful nights aleep, I couldn’t see let alone function.

I was home and done by 7am and the brat was still asleep.

Obviously hubbo was at home with him, no need to call social services just yet…

We didn’t do a lot all day, despite there being shit loads of jobs to do I’ve been cold and aching all day.

I am switching to Fluoxetine for the Big D tomorrow, I’m slightly nervous but hopeful it’s going to help.

It’s been a lovely festive day, despite feeling poorly and exhausted, I can’t wait until Christmas Day is here and all the stress is gone, I love it I really do, but this year I just want to sleep.

There hasn’t been any substance to my blogs or hardly any swearing of late, I apologise for this.  I’m running on empty right now and I’m hoping a few days rest will recharge my batteries and I’ll be back to my usual sarcastic cussing self.

Peace, love, and all the usual gubbins…


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