Christmas, Pass the Prosecco style

I have loved Christmas for as long as I can remember; the build up, Christmas Eve and the magic of it all.  Even as an adult, I would still wake up at 4am and revel in the magical feeling and calm of Christmas Day morning.

In November 2014 I gave birth to my son, our little miracle after battling infertility for many years; and Christmas became even more magical as a mum.

Christmas as a mum

I can remember taking him to a Christmas Grotto when he was one(ish) and even though he was so young, to see his little face light up at all the lights, sparkle and Father Christmas, I thought I would burst with love and excitement.

Over the last few years we have settled into a routine with Christmas and the weeks leading up to it, even though I’m not particularly organised – and every year he understands that little bit more and makes Christmas so special.

We will have a three year old who understands more this year…

The little dude will be three this Christmas and he understands who Father Christmas is, and I can’t wait to take him to see him at our local garden centre in mid December.

I usually start my shopping around mid November – once Halloween, Fireworks and the boy’s birthday is out of the way it’s all go for the big day.

Lists, glorious lists

I’m a complete list obsessive – I have lists of lists of lists, and I love planning and writing everything down and being organised.  Even though I’m never as organised as I would like to be…

I try and buy a few presents a week – I always scour the internet for presents and I always head to the shops knowing exactly what I want so I a) don’t overspend and b) don’t end up stuck amongst hoards of people for hours on end.

We always have a budget, we don’t always stick to it but I always break it down and stick to it as best I can to avoid overspend.

I try and do the bulk of it online – online retailers such as Amazon always have great deals and postage works out cheap if buying in bulk.

Deck the halls with toot and tinsel

I get so excited about Christmas decorations – I aim to get my tree and decorations up the first week in December.  I’m obsessed with lights – I’d go full National-Lampoon if I could afford to…

I do start early with the Christmas songs – Fairytale of New York and Wham! are my favourites and I drive my husband mad playing them to death.

My first veggie Christmas

Food wise, this year will be my first as a vegetarian and so I’m not sure what to do or plan, normally I pre-order a turkey with all the trimmings and we all sit down to enjoy a huge dinner and then pass out shortly after.

I’m not a huge drinker these days but I do indulge over Christmas, I hit the Prosecco hard and only have to sniff a glass of Baileys to gain a stone…

Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve is probably my favourite part of Christmas; the day is spent delivering presents, cooking tasty treats and there is no better feeling than settling down at 8pm with a large glass of wine knowing everything is done.

We are usually up around 6am on the big day – we open all our presents in our pyjamas and listen to carols on the TV.

My first Christmas away from home

This year we are spending a week on the Isle of Wight with my mum-in-law and it will be the first time in 32 years I’ve been away for Christmas – it’s a scary prospect but exciting all the same.

Just writing this I could burst with excitement – roll on Christmas!



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