Christmas Prep in September

We are quickly closing in on the days where we can count the days till Christmas in 2 digits. The festive season is upon us, just hold on for a few months, and we can expect Christmas trees, plenty of food and the kids driving everyone crazy in and around the house. It might seem a bit silly to look forward to Christmas already while autumn hasn’t even set in, but you know how things get as soon we hit November. 

It gets busier at work, schools will have various parents’ meetings to go through and plays, social engagements, in general, go up and then there is the final mad dash to get everything Christmas ready. Before you know it, you will be in all states to keep up with an ever-growing to-do list of getting presents, sending out cards, sorting out Christmas dinner, and much more. 

By the time it’s New Year, you will be longing for a holiday to recuperate from the festive season. If you want to avoid that feeling, and it might sound a bit mad, you can start prepping in September already. Some people might call you crazy, but we will see who’s crazy when you can just sit back and relax the next festive season knowing everything is arranged. Here are some tips to get your Christmas zen in September.

Christmas Presents

First of all, with all the time for prep, you have allowed yourself, make a few lists. With the luxury of time, you can pretty much redo this list as many times as you want. Make a list of people you want to send a card to, a list of the people who you want to give presents and design your perfect Christmas meal. Knowing in advance what you want to do gives you the option to plan ahead and get smart with getting gifts in the sale. Savings you make now can also alleviate the higher expenses people usually encounter during the festive season. 

It also means you can find the perfect gift and maybe even commission something (which is impossible to do in December due to demand), check out The Clever Clogs Kids Company for some excellent ideas. A well-thought-out and personal gift will definitely make a better impact than that generic pair of socks or a wintery jumper. And buying in advance also makes sense for the smaller items, such as stocking fillers.

Christmas Food

Speaking of savings, it’s an excellent opportunity to stock up on some basics to keep in the cupboard to make the Christmas food shopping bill more palatable. We tend to get tricked into buying lots of common items we don’t need just because the packaging is a bit Christmassy. Having stocked up properly will help you fight that temptation. Anything long-life is excellent to stock up on, such as cartons of juice and milk. And if you have a sizable freezer, even better. You can buy some fresh food when the sale is good, just to make sure you have a sizable food supply during the holidays. Food and presents are sizable expenses in December, by preparing and starting to collect items already, you are softening the financial blow for Christmas.

Christmas Card

Another great opportunity with prepping so far in advance is that you can get a little bit in that festive mood. If you are taking a family photo for the Christmas card, it’s an excellent opportunity to have fun with it and have your own early celebration. Get Christmas jumpers and some fake snow to create the perfect picture. With some props, smart photography, and perhaps a healthy dose of Photoshop, you can make the perfect Christmas card. This also means you can post them well in advance so you can be sure of it that they will arrive on time. 

And maybe even get more creative and ditch the traditional card. Why not a keychain, mug or Christmas bauble? Imagine that, your perfect Christmas photo hanging in someone’s tree!

So there you go, you can have your presents, Christmas cards and some of your Christmas food shopping already done before the first shops start dressing up their windows with green and red. It’s a great way to save money, have some early fun and, most importantly, be able to enjoy the festive season without having to run around. Sure, there will still be the social engagements that are required to go to, but at least people at those get-togethers will ask you: “how are you so relaxed this season?”

**This is a collaborative post**

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