Conservatory Complaints? Here’s How You Can Use Yours More!

A conservatory is a great way to add more usable space to your home. They tend to be cheaper than brick-built extensions, they’re quick to go up and you don’t even always need planning permission. The trouble is, so many have conservatories built and then proceed to completely ignore them. The space goes unused, and they end up sitting neglected and unloved. Maybe you invested in a conservatory that you didn’t love as much as you thought you would, or perhaps you’ve inherited one from a previous homeowner and aren’t sure what to do with it. Here are some ideas for improving the space!

Get the temperature right

One of the reasons that people don’t use their conservatories as much as they should, is that they’re cold in winter and too warm in summer. This is always going to be an issue with a predominantly glass structure, however there are lots of ways you can rectify this. First of all, have the roof insulated- companies like Rundle and Dorey specialise in this. It prevents the heat escaping when it’s cold, and can also prevent the sun from warming it up too much when it’s hot. If your conservatory is older, chances are the glass won’t be up to scratch. Modern panes can be fitted which provide much more insulation, again preventing it from getting too cold or too warm. Have blinds fitted to the windows that you can easily adjust, this can stop too much heat from entering on a sunny day keeping the conservatory at the right temperature.

Give it a purpose

One major reason that people don’t use their conservatory is that they’re a little unsure what to do with it. So finding a purpose for the room will help you to use it to its full potential. Will it become a dining room, or a home office? Another option is to turn it into a playroom or a teenage hangout. If you’re fed up of your kids moping around the house with their friends, having a designated room they can relax in makes sense and keeps them from getting under your feet! Put in a comfy sofa and some bean bags, a big tv and a computer system. Some board games, magazines and a little table to do homework or eat are all options too. Think about where you most need space at home, and utilise the conservatory!

Improve your garden

One of the reasons you might not want to spend time in the conservatory is because it’s overlooking a messy garden. Giving it a tidy up and improving your views may well be what you need to inspire you to use this room more. The conservatory is the perfect transition between the home and garden, and so it makes sense that the garden needs to be in good condition. Mow the lawn, fill some pots with colourful flowers and rake up leaves and litter. With spring around the corner, the sunny days combined with pretty natural views might have you feeling like you want to get into the conservatory!


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