Cosy nights in on a budget

With the recent cold weather the days have been long and the nights even longer; and with my anxiety a little on the rotten side at present I’ve been putting some extra effort into the little things that make me happy.

And staying warm and cosy is a huge one for me – with my husband working all hours it’s not possible to go out very often so I love to indulge myself and buy little treats on a tight budget.

Life is stressful and sometimes there is no better thing that some pampering and treats to make you feel better, especially when money is tight and you can’t get out and about.

A hot bath is my favourite thing – there is nothing more calming than lighting a few candles, using some really bubbly bath or a bath bomb and having a good soak for an hour.

I’m terrible for comfort eating of an evening so I tend to buy luxury-style hot chocolate as my evening treat, usually with a biscuit or two.

Reading is my other love of an evening; I love losing myself in a book, usually snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa with the cat one side and the dog the other.

Films, films, glorious films – with TV packages such as Amazon and Netflix there are hundreds(possibly thousands) of movies and box sets to choose from, and I love watching old favourites.

You don’t need an expensive spa to pamper yourself – pop into your local supermarket or pound shop and grab some pamper treats such as face masks, a nice smelling shampoo or even a new nail polish.

And last but not least whether I’m alone for the evening or my husband is around I will always cook a home-cooked meal where possible and we always sit at the table – meal time is family time and it always feels more special when we all sit together.


**This is a collaborative post.  Please see my disclosure here.**

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