Day 11: A happy picture

This was difficult to choose just one so I cheated a little and I’ve chosen three happy pictures.

Firstly, this is my favourite view in the whole world and my happy place.  This is looking from the top of the Cliff in Lake towards Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.  I’m instantly calm when I think of it.

Second is me and the hubs on our wedding day; we had such fun taking these pictures between the ceremony and reception and it’s one of my favourite memories of the day.  As much as I moan about him he is my soulmate and my best friend.  Soppy shit, I know.


My third and last happy picture was from the day my life changed forever and I went into hospital for surgery infertile and came out in shock and seven weeks pregnant.  My little bean, he was the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen.


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