Day 3: Guilty Pleasures

I always think the term ‘guilty pleasures’ sounds naughty, I’m not sure why, must be my filthbag mind.

So I guess my main guilty pleasure is pop music and boybands.  I grew up with 90s boybands, Smash Hits magazine and I worshipped the boyband 911 along with Take That, Boyzone, PJ and Duncan… I’ve never really left it behind as I do bloody love McFly and I have seen them live many times.

Another guilty pleasure would be retro gaming.  I love Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, Theme Hospital and Transport Tycoon.  I could quite happily lose a day playing them.

I guess my love of history fits in and is considered a guilty pleasure; I love visiting old places and learning about anything historical.  I read lots of books and love to get my history nerd on.

I was a raver back in my yoof’ and I still love hard house, trance and other stuff that many people would consider to be noise and complete shit.  I don’t care; once every so often I have a listen and a little rave up in my kitchen.  So I guess its a guilty pleasure.

I love Michael Palin.  In fact I love any travel programmes, I watch them all – Great Railway Journeys included.  But I especially love Michael Palin.  I have all of his books and every travel programme of his on DVD.

So, there you go – they are out in public for the world to see.


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