Day 5: Dream Job

Growing up I wanted to be a vet; that was my dream job.

Unfortunately I get very emotional where animals are concerned and I wouldn’t be good at it.

Then I decided I wanted to be a princess.  I wanted to wear a pointy medieval style hat with floaty ribbons coming from the top.


As for now – I would love to be a nurse.  It’s always been a dream of mine.  I’ve always loved biology and although I enjoy dentistry I would love to become a staff nurse.

Bit worried I’m too old now though.

Did you have a dream job as a child?  Or even right now?

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One thought on “Day 5: Dream Job

  1. I dreamt I would be an amazing mum and home maker. Then I had it beaten out of me. I got told that was silly and not logical. I was shown the career ladder and told to get climbing. That anything else was a failure on the progress of femininity. Then people jumped on the bandwagon and told me all the horrendous things about having kids and that dream got pushed further and further away. They joked that it was “contraception”. They played on my uncertainties.
    Of course I didn’t want kids at 18, but pushy people always stuck their nose in and messed with my own thoughts and desires. Then came the pill which turned me into a depressed zombie for 19 years. It took a brush with the dark side and a suicide attempt to break free of the shackles and trust myself once more.
    I discovered I explored I felt…
    And now… now I am 35 weeks pregnant after losing my first child at 9 weeks to a miscarriage. I am on the brink of my dream…
    What do I take away from this? Trust yourself. Don’t let others influence you and if you have a dream… go for it. You never know where the road will lead… so enjoy the journey and always speak kindly but truthfully from the heart ❣

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