Day 6: Phobias & Fears

So I guess firstly phobias and fears are the same thing, not sure why I wrote both of them as the title but we will just go with it, it sounds good 🙂

I feel a list is best for this one – be warned some of these are weird…

  1. Flying. I have been scared of flying since experiencing some nasty turbulence many years ago.  It got to the point I had to take a sedative to get on the plane.  I love travelling despite not going abroad in six years so I took a Flying Without Fear course in 2010 which was run by Virgin and it was the best thing for me – I am still scared but I can fly.
  2. Paper cuts.  Go with me on this one.  My dad showed me a video of a machine with paper on huge rolls and told me how its so sharp on the edge it could cut a man in half.  I was pregnant at the time and I don’t know why but it’s triggered a crazy fear of paper cuts.  I feel sick at the thought of it.
  3. Spiders.  I do not like spiders, they look sinister and scary and I would rather cut my left leg off and beat myself with it than hold a big hairy spider.
  4. Heights.  And I don’t mean high ones.  I can’t even go two steps up a ladder without freaking out.  I’m a little better now than I used to be.
  5. Theme park rides.  I have no desire whatsoever to go on a ride and be scared to death.  I am no adrenaline junkie and I used to be really embarassed and ashamed of it as people said I was weird.  Well, personally, I don’t see how being scared is a good rush.  I’d rather eat my own shit.

Do you have any phobias?  Why don’t you join in and do the challenge too?  It’s a no pressure one – you can take gaps in between and take a year to complete it, it;s good fun all the same.


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