Day 7: 5 Favourite Meals

Food… one of my favourite things to talk about.

I love food. Food is my life.  Hence why I have a huge weight problem, meh.

So picking my five favourite meals was tough.  To make it more exciting I’ll count down, that’s what happens on Masterchef and Bake Off anyways.

5. Chilli Con Carne. I love mexican food and a good hearty chilli is one of my go-to dishes to cook at home.  I love finding different variations on it and it’s great for feeding the boys – it can go with chips, rice, in a spud, yum.

4. Sausage, egg, chips & beans.  It’s typically British and not very healthy but the thought of this makes me salivate.  Especially proper decent sausages, and a yummy runny egg. Lush.

3. Lasagne.  Hubs always says when you eat out you should eat something you wouldn’t cook at home.  I would happily cook it at home but it’s such a ballache to make.  I could eat lasagne every other day.  Yum.

2. Carbonara.  It’s a bowl of creamy tasty yumminess.  I love italian food, I think if I ever went to Italy I would come back the size of a house.

1. Pizza.  Ohhhh Pizza, my true love.  I love pizza, especially ham, pineapple and mushroom.  Lots of tomato, yum.  When I get angry, upset or just very hungry I crave pizza.  My number one go-to meal, my soulmate.


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