Day 8: If I won the lottery

Don’t we all wish we could win the lottery – even £30 would be nice.

But what if you won millions of pounds, what would you do?

I would buy a house, an oast house to be precise.  Off the beaten track with views of the Kentish Downs.

I would have a couple of dogs and I’d rescue lots of cats.  I’d maybe even volunteer at a zoo or something.  i love animals and it would be my dream.

I would buy a Dental Surgery and specialise in dental care for children and phobic patients.  It would be a chilled out and therapeutic place to go; to help patients have dental treatment without the need for sedation or general anaesthetic.

I would go to university and do a degree, which to be fair I am planning on doing anyways.

And I would give a lot of money away too.  Children’s hospitals, animal homes and hospices.

I would foster children too; our plan is to adopt but with a bigger house I would love to become a foster carer.

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One thought on “Day 8: If I won the lottery

  1. A house is top of my list as well. I’d love a small holding, with room for chickens and a vegetable garden, and maybe a couple a goats. I’d also pay off my debts so I could start my new life with a clean slate. Then it’d be a family holiday – not bothered where since it’s years since we had any break at all.

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