Dear sodding Diary: work life, calorie counting & naughty medication

Saturday 18th August 2018

Dear sodding Diary,

**Warning – long, rambling and potentially boring post**

I work three weekends a month – on weekend number three I work a basically 24 hour shift(known as a double) and then I’m off the next one.  Yassss.  Love a weekend off.  However the double weekend is pretty shit – it’s long, hard work and I’m usually shattered at the end of it.

I’ve spent the last five weekdays at home with the three-nager, I’m actually relishing the fact I have some time to myself – even if it is at work.

But I’ve been able to catch up on some jobs – I’m writing some articles for other websites, sorting paperwork, and just catching up on letters, emails and phone calls I’ve not had time for this week.

I’ve not really spoken much about work – so I’ll write a little about it here, you are my sodding diary after all.  After 16 years working as a dental nurse/dental software technician I have broken free of teeth and halitosis and I’m working as a hotel receptionist, a job I have always wanted to do.

It’s five minutes from home, it’s a small 20-bed hotel and I really love what I do – chatting to people, giving advice, being friendly and all that; it’s really refreshing and it’s something I’d like to carry on doing – maybe a new career direction, who knows.

Another lesser-known fact is I took French and German to A-level, I wanted to be fluent and I wanted to get a degree and teach languages.  I loved it and I was good at it.  Unfortunately age 17 I discovered boys and alcohol and dropped out, I don’t regret it was I’ve enjoyed dentistry but working in a hotel I’m using them again.  And I’m rusty.

Last week I wrote about my latest get-thin-quick scheme which again was completely unrealistic and by Monday I had the worst IBS known to man and I’d fallen into a fetid pit of Kettle Chips and cheese.

Tuesday morning I cried a little bit at my bad habits – I’m stuck in an awful binge-eating vicious circle and my desperation to be thin is taking over.

By chance I decided to look through Nan’s old cookbooks, I’m planning a new blog series on her recipes and I found a passage at the back of one from the fifties which really resonated with me.

Not only did it tell the reader to ignore children in fussy eating stages; it also spoke of ‘slimming’ and a balanced diet.  This was in the time before low fat food, Britain was still in the grip of rationing and no faddy diets or artifical sweeteners existed.

“One must think of slimming logically” the author wrote; “in order to lose fat one must consume fewer calories than one requires thus causing a deficit.  A caloric deficit then leads to one losing body fat and becoming slimmer.  And how does one acheive this?  One must eat less and move more – eat a balanced diet and do not deny yourself the occasional treat.  Food is to be enjoyed, not feared”.

Well.  That’s exactly it, isn’t it?  Eat less and move more – there is no other way.  And food is indeed there to be enjoyed – my desperation for weight loss makes me fear food.

So I downloaded a calorie counting app – I use Nutracheck as I prefer it over My Fitness Pal – looked online at my ideal daily calories for weight loss which are around 1,500 a day and that was that.

And I’m pleased to report since Tuesday I have dropped five pounds – I’m eating on a principal of 80% healthy/unprocessed to 20% whatever the fuck I like.  I’m happy and I’m not feeling any pressure.

Another change?  I’ve stopped the Amitriptyline I’ve taken for three months for chronic migraines as they weren’t working and I’m sure they have helped me gain a stone in, erm three months.

So that’s where I’m at today – chirpy, slightly skinnier than last week and feeling quite good.

In the words of Keith Lemon – ooooooooossssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Lisa x

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