Decor Ideas for Your Front Porch That Will Make You Feel at Home

Unlike a book, the initial impression you have upon entering a home is permanent. If you’re fortunate enough to have a porch on your house, you have the chance to create a welcoming area that not only greets your guests, but also welcomes you home from a long day at work. Having your porch renovated to be more inviting will not only make coming home a more pleasant experience, but it will also raise the value of the home if and when the time comes to sell your house. Here are a few porch design ideas to help you make your house seem more like a home.



Wooden shutters have a special charm since they let in natural light, which instantly transforms your house’s interior into a more inviting space. In addition, it will shield your home from prying eyes and prevent anyone from spying on any priceless possessions you may have on display. Porches often have small and hard to cater for windows, but you can easily buy Made to Measure Shutters to perfectly fit the space in your home. Doing it this way also gives you more freedom on design and colour!



If you have valuables on display, you might want to consider installing some CCTV cameras on the outside of your porch to give you peace of mind that your property is secure and to dissuade burglars from breaking in. You no longer have to be conspicuous with a large camera mounted on the outside of your home, since covert CCTV may be used to disguise the device as something else while still performing its intended function. Not only that, but if you ever decide to sell your property, the installation of a CCTV system will help to raise the asking price a little.


Plaques and a welcome mat

An inviting welcome mat and some lovely plaques on the wall to greet guests as they enter your house are essential elements of any home. A welcome plaque made of slate and inscribed with your favourite welcoming statement is an option if you’re feeling really creative. There are a plethora of options available, but if you don’t like any of the options on the market, you might consider making your own. What better way to show off your personality than with a custom-made doormat as you walk in?


Somewhere to hang your coat

Having a place for guests to hang their coats may seem apparent, but having a place for them to do so makes your house more hospitable to guests since they can take their coats off without waiting to be asked. There are so many different types to choose from, so take your time and find one for your porch!


Air fresheners

Lastly, since your porch is likely to be a spot where you remove your shoes as well, it is possible that the space will rapidly grow stale and smelly. Add a few air fresheners so that your guests are greeted with a pleasant scent rather than a bad one!

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