Decorating Your Home With A Plan

When you stand back and look at your home, the idea of decorating can seem like one challenge too far. However, the idea is to take it one room at a time and not think too much about what is left to do. If you get one room done and want to take a break for a few months, that is perfectly fine. The other trick is to make sure you have a plan. So with that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ideas you can implement.

Painting & Wallpaper

The best place to start whenever you are considering to decorate is with the largest surface area of each room, the walls. You might not be 100% sure what it is that you want to do, but deep down you know it needs to start with the part of the room that is going to catch your eye immediately. The idea when it comes to decorating the walls is to make sure the colour you choose is right for the room’s purpose. Often the mistake is made that people try a one-size fits all approach, but different rooms should be treated with their own personality.

What this comes down to is colour psychology, that is the science behind knowing what colours do to our psyche. For that reason, areas of the house like the living room and bedroom should be painted or decorated with colours like soft blues because this creates a calming environment for you to relax in. Whereas a room that is used primarily for work should be a colour that is associated with productivity and creativity like yellow or red.


We are going to stick with the theory that the greater surface areas should be focused on first. Flooring may not be something you think the eye will be drawn to very quickly, but once you put down a new carpet or floorboards, you will quickly notice what a difference it makes to the room. The reason we say go with flooring second is because you should choose a floor that complements the colours of the walls. If you have chosen a dark colour for your wallpaper or paint then matching that with a dark floor might be too much of one thing.

Your second consideration for flooring is what do you want underneath your feet. Bedrooms tend to be a place where you are going to find carpet because it is comfortable. It preaches warmth and relaxation, whereas in the kitchen a harder surface like tiles of wood is much more practical.


The furniture of your home is the cherry on top of the cake. Your bare rooms that now have fresh coast of pain and shiny new flooring should have furniture that make the decor pop. But most of all you should have seating and bedding that you find comfortable and like. You will know what colour will match up with what room having painted them yourself, but the furniture should meet your personal needs for that space. If you want to relax, don’t get yourself a chair that is going to hurt your backside.


**This is a collaborative post**

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