Depression & dehydration – my 7 day challenge

I’ve now been on duloxetine for five weeks and I’ve had a slight increase in dosage to try and ease the anxiety but for the most part I am feeling better.

Well.  I thought I was anyways.

This morning was my weekly counselling session and I didn’t want to bother – in my head I felt okay.

My counsellor Fliss has this method of getting things out of me, without me knowing and getting me to look for solutions and ways to ease my issues.

It’s crazy – three sentences in and I’m spilling the full contents of my life when previously I’ve not told a soul.

In this last week I have thought about things and an issue I didn’t even know could be associated with depression came about.


I am always dehydrated.  I never drink, always wake up with a headache and I rarely need a wee.

I’ve been like this for years, and when I feel down and depressed it gets even worse; and I end up in a vicious circle that makes me feel crappy.

So this morning I was surprised to find that the link between dehydration and depression is real, for a few reasons:

  1. The brain is made of water.  If brain does not get said water, brain can’t function properly and makes you feel depressed.
  2. When you are depressed you don’t want to look after yourself.  You dehydrate.  Brain hurts.  Depression worsens.

Hmm.  Interesting indeed.  Am I ‘self-harming’ by not looking after myself?  I guess I am – by denying my body water I am making myself poorly.

I’ve also lost the ability to determine whether I am hungry or thirsty – food has become an emotional reward, I have forgetten the need to fuel my body and look after myself.

I constantly feel thirsty – I have a dry mouth and headache daily.

So we discussed today flipping my priorities and concentrating on my body as a whole and how I feel.

The idea is I try to be healthier by drinking water and eating properly to make my head feel better and see what effect it has on my physical symptoms.

I thought about how I feel… I ache all over, I’m exhausted, my tummy is unsettled constantly, I’m constipated, and my blood pressure is raised.  I’m spotty and my skin and hair is dry.

Could all of this be sorted by just drinking more water?

So I’ve set myself a little challenge, from tomorrow.

From Dr Google and general research the recommended amount of fluid you should consume a day is 2-3 litres, and I have upgraded my trusty HydrateM8 bottle to help.

For the next seven days I’m aiming for three litres a day.  Each day I will my progress post on Facebook and IG – follow me there for updates!

Here goes!

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