DIY cocktails: The best resources to help you out

You might not have the shaking technique that professional cocktail bartenders are able to pull off, but that doesn’t mean to say the DIY cocktail market is on its knees. Far from it, we’re all trying it – albeit some more successful than others.

To help your plight, here are a mixture of five links and infographics which can make life a little easier for you.

What are the essential spirits and mixers?

Like it or not, this isn’t a real bar. You probably have a budget, and this means that you can only have a limited supply of cocktail ingredients at your disposal.

This is where this first link comes into play. The Spruce Eats talks about the truly essential ingredients that you need for the ultimate cocktail night, which means that you should help you manage your budget somewhat.

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A lowdown of healthy cocktails

On the most part, we really don’t want to get into cocktails and your general health. After all, many are riddled with sugar and other nasty ingredients.

This infographic shows some of the healthier options that you can turn to. There are eight cocktail options altogether, but it also touches on the health properties of certain mixers as well. For the health conscious readers out there, it all comes as quite interesting:

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…And here’s the opposite

Following the previous point, let’s now present some of the unhealthy cocktail options. In some ways, this link is even more interesting. For example, one of the cocktails featured in the list can run up a ridiculous 800 calories per serving. Some might say you should watch out, others would suggest you give it a go and see what all of the fuss is about!

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Eeek! I can’t get to the store in time…

For those of you who are either looking to do this on a complete and utter budget, or for those of you who have left things until last minute and can’t get to the store, this next link is for you.

The Cocktail Builder is a browser-based app which asks for the ingredients that you have in your home. From that, it puts together a list of possible cocktails you can make, as well as some options where you are just a little short on the ingredients.

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What glass do your cocktails require?

Next, let’s turn to an infographic. When most of us are planning our cocktail night, it tends to be all about rushing to the supermarket and buying as much alcohol and as many mixers as possible.

This infographic puts a slightly different slant on cocktail night. Sure, some of it is dedicated to wine and beer, but there’s a really meaty section on the different types of cocktail glasses as well. It shows the difference between short and high glasses, as well as some suggestions for specific cocktails. Here’s the infographic in full:

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