Do parents have a limit?

Do parents have a limit?

This was the question I found myself pondering today after some absolute vile behaviour from the mancub.

He is three in a few weeks and I’ve had eighteen months of hell to be honest.

Pre-school tell me he is strong-willed.

No shit.

He argues with me now – and he will not listen to a word I say.

I’ve tried the softly-softly call approach, he doesn’t listen.

I lose my shit and he still doesn’t listen.

Remember Supernanny? You know when you used to see those vile kids and blame the parents and be totally judgemental.

I have one of those kids and I am one of those parents.

He has full on screaming fits and tantrums. Nothing I do works.

What sort of parent am I? Am I a bad mum?

I’m strict, always but I know I’m fair. He is spoilt but he has to earn treats.

I spent 28 years wanting to be a mum. I spent three years trying to conceive and breaking my heart thinking I would never be a mum.

But some days I don’t want to be a parent, it’s not supposed to be like this. Is it?

I’m doing my best – I’m staying positive and doing all I can. But will I break? Is there a limit to how much I can take?

I don’t think as a parent you have a limit, there is too much love there, you just take it and try harder. Anyone else find themselves furious with their child and then wishing them awake ten minutes after they go to bed?

I’m hoping it’s all a phase and will get easier. It will get easier right?

If it doesn’t, please lie….

3 thoughts on “Do parents have a limit?

  1. I feel you 100%! Some days Olivia is a complete angel… Some days she listens to nothing I say and it’s almost as if she’s trying to see how far she can push me! Her current favourite pass time is poking her sleeping brother in his face and then saying “look mummy he woke up now!” tantrums galore and “I want!/give me that!” and just when I think “that’s it! Boarding school for you, turd!” she hits me with a “I yuv you mummy” or “you my best friend” I’m sure it does get better! We did all this to our parents and most of them didn’t snap, eh?

  2. You have yourself a “threenager”.

    Sometimes starts just before three. Sometimes goes on into four. Mostly is horrible and causes alcoholism. Don’t ask me how I know.

    Good luck.

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