Dog tales: the dog is ill, again

As a parent weekends don’t really exist, lets be honest – but I love the feeling of a Saturday morning, when you can watch cookery shows and cartoons until lunchtime, stay in your pyjamas a little bit longer and chill out.

Today was no different.  The hubs is working, so it’s just me, the mancub and the dog, chilling and not doing an awful lot.

We drank tea, ate breakfast and made plans to tidy up and then go to our local farm to see if any lambs had been born yet.

The dog was very out of sorts.

She was mopey and shivering.  More like a constant shake than a shiver.

When she gets out of sorts she won’t leave me alone.  I lost my shit when she nearly tripped me up on the stairs.

Mopey AF

We started busying ourselves with the chores.  That’s when I spotted it.

There was a shit on the carpet.

I asked the child, had he shit on the carpet?  He told me hadn’t, I believed him.

I looked at the dog.  She looked guilty.  And then I remembered the incident that happened a few weeks back where she’d eaten something she shouldn’t have and ended up a shivering, shitting mess.

Yesterday’s walk – what did she eat?

Lucy dog is a bloody nightmare – she eats anything and everything, and there is no stopping her.  At home she will just eat anything she can find.  Out on walks we have to watch her like a hawk, because she runs off and eats anything she can find.

The above named incident ended up in a vets visit, and I really hope this one doesn’t turn out the same.

She’s incredibly clingy anyway – she is a pug crossed with a King Charles cavalier and since we took her on at six months old she has become my shadow.  She is the most loving and loyal dog ever, and she has taken to us so well.

She was a nervous wreck initially; and still can be at times – we don’t know if this is just her nature or the result of her life previous to living with us, but for the most part she is not nervous and full of personality.

Best buds

But this eating thing is turning into a huge problem.  I’m starting to wonder if she is either intolerant to something in her food which is upsetting her stomach and making her hungry all the time or it’s just a phase.  She’s now just over a year old, I’m hoping she grows out of it.

And so the poor little cow has been gated(God bless the old play pen) in the kitchen, with her spare bed and a blanket.  I even made her a hot water bottle.  I don’t even do that for my husband when he is ill.

In quarantine today

I’ll save you the gory details of the ‘fallout’ this morning – but all that needs to be said is I should buy shares in disinfectant and smelly candles.

I hope she feels better soon – and if anyone who reads this has any ideas, please let me know!


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