The dog has an op & the toddler is devo 

(FYI – devo = devastated)

the mancub is three in November and I think sometimes I forget how much he can understand.

Or maybe I don’t forget.  I just massively underestimate him.

This morning marks a week of Lucy-chops living with us and she went in to the vets this morning to be spayed.

Last night I cried. Because my eight year old black panther Mr Pierre was so unsettled and I wondered if we had done the right thing.

He’s a strange cat. He was a stray and was the sad cat at the RSPCA who was a long stay and nobody wanted to love him.

We had no idea where he had come from but five years ago we became his forever home.

He was my baby despite not liking people or anyone very much. He loves food and sleep and not much else.

He has never sat on my lap. But will happily sit or lay a foot or two away from me and purr happily while I talk to him.

He lives mostly outside and he is happy, but knowing how strange the cat is I was so worried about him.

“I don’t know if I can love the dog, babe” I cried to the hubs.

This morning when I left my little Lucy-chops at the vets I struggled to hold my shit together.

“What if she doesn’t survive the operation?”

“What if something goes wrong?”

I know I’m doing the right thing for her in our situation; we don’t want to breed from her and being a small dog I want to try and lessen the chances of uterine diseases and complications.

But I wasn’t prepared for the mancub to burst into tears on the way out.

“Mummy Lucy come home please mummy miss Lucy dog”

So over a coffee and a crappy breakfast I’ve had my first adult discussion with my child.

(I usually hate talking in the way I’m about to relay it but bear with)

“It’s okay baby, don’t cry; you remember how mummy grew you in my tummy?

Well, Lucy is a girl like mummy and can grow babies in her tummy.

The nice man is a doctor for animals and he is going to look after Lucy for us today.

(Deep breathe)When mummies and daddies love each other very much they make a baby and it grows in mummy’s tummy.

Now dogs are the same and Lucy dog is having a little operation to stop her growing babies in her tummy and so daddy dogs don’t get cross with her and chase her”

“Okay mummy” he said; “the mancub love sausage sandwich now please”

That went well, then.

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