Dog walking – a friendly club

I’ve already written about meeting other mums and this last week I have discovered a whole new world.

Dog walkers.

Up until this years shit-storm of health issues I regularly would go for a run or walk most evenings and loved losing myself in some music and my own thoughts for a while.

I figured I could use my evening dog walk for this purpose and each night I’ve happily popped in my earphones and taken the hound out.

I soon discovered that you can’t seem to pass 90% of other dog walkers without a greeting or a conversation.

Now don’t get me wrong; it’s nice to meet others and have a chat but it seems my local area has a huge amount of friendly dog owners and everywhere you go someone wants to say hello and have a chat.

Having  a baby is like joining a club; as scary as other mums and cliques can be you all having something in common and it opens up a whole new world of play dates, soft play hell and toddler groups.

With a dog it’s no different – dogs are part of the family and dog owners love to say hello, offer advice and be friendly.

Lucy-chops is half Pug and so it seems incredibly popular and everyone wants to say hello to her.

She just wants to lick them to death.

Initially, my depressed-hermit self just wanted to walk on and be left alone – but I am now embracing the dog owners club and getting involved.

It feels like a huge win for me to get out of the house and to find the courage and motivation to smile and greet other dog walkers; when I would usually hide at home and let the depression win.

I’m starting to think Lucy needed us but maybe I needed her too…

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